All I’ve ever wanted out of life was the image of blindfolded sweaty angry Danny trying to get Mindy’s bra off, and I never even realized it.

allstartstofade asked: Giving you the same terrible choice you gave me: Daphne/Simon, Anthony/Kate, Sophie/Benedict, Colin/Penelope, Eloise/Philip


1. Colin/Penelope

2. Eloise/Phillip

3. Anthony/Kate

4. Daphne/Simon

5. Benedict/Sophie

And, for the sake of thoroughness:

1. Colin/Penelope

2. Eloise/Phillip

3. Anthony/Kate

4. Hyacinth/Gareth

5. Daphne/Simon

6. Gregory/Lucy

7. Francesca/Michael

8. Benedict/Sophie

coldbam asked: amy santiago, britta perry, winston bishop, ben wyatt, sarah manning

Amy Santiago

Sarah Manning

Winston Bishop 

Ben Wyatt

Britta Perry

Please note that I love them all dearly (I am now imagining them all at a dinner party and I suggest you do the same).

lafaerie asked: Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Helena & Rachel!


Sarah (I feel like I don’t talk about Sarah Manning enough because I’m busy crying about Alison, but Sarah Manning is so important)

Rachel (Look you can’t introduce the “evil” clone with a sleek bob and sharp suits and killer heels and not expect me to at least be intrigued, I want to know everything, EVERYTHING WHO ARE YOU.)

Helena (I don’t have as many Helena feelings as some but the premiere was a lot)

Cosima (This is not really an issue of dislike, but more the fact that I do not feel as emotionally connected to her - or feel as intrigued by how she ticks - as the other clones. I am always supportive of science geek lesbians but I feel like the show - and the fandom - could interrogate some of her behaviour more, because she gets treated as the “nice” clone when in fact she’s just as morally/ethically compromised as any of the other clones. Also, white girl dreads).

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